The history

50 years of ideas, passion, reliability and commitment

Ipea was founded in 1972 by Armando Veggetti together with his wife Adriana with the aim of producing articles for the creation of living rooms and upholstered furniture. For Armando Veggetti, who was already the owner of the Irpa since 1961. This was a successfull intuition.

Since then, thanks to the definitive launch of the Italian furniture industry, Ipea has experienced a steady growth, consolidated by the entrance of the second Veggetti’s generation in the 80s. Marco and Alberto contributed to a decisive development of Ipea’s growth and influence on the European market, often by anticipating and acting on shifting market trends.

At the end of the 90s the company’s attention shifted to the production of legs and metal structures for armchairs and sofas and furnishing accessories, an area where Ipea conquered an important position on the market quickly.

In the same years the commercial expansion started through the opening of the apulian headquarter and foreign subsidiaries to ensure a careful and rapid service in the major European production centers of furniture.

In the 2000s, the Ipea Research & Development Office was formed, born from the need to provide the customer with the utmost professionalism and assistance in every work phase, now a reference point for customized products.

In 2010 Cuoium, a historical company dedicated to the production and trade of leather for furniture, joined the Ipea group. In the same decade, two other companies were incorporated, maintaining their staff and transforming into the Ipea operational headquarters in Padua and Forlì.

Today Ipea is a solid production company able to provide the customer with the utmost professionalism and assistance in every phase of the work.

For the future Ipea, thanks to the passion of its employees, the beating heart of the company, and the constant commitment of the Veggetti family, that remains strongly present within the group, aims to continue to grow further by remaining faithful to the values and principles imparted by its founders.