The group

1991 | Ipea España born following the Italian model. Ipea España is structured with a large warehouse stocked with over 5,000 items always available to its customers. Sales agents are present in Spain and Portugal.

2000 | Verde was in Cassano delle Murge in the province of Bari. With its 3.000 mq is at the service of the large area of the important Apulian pole. The service and the “just in time” delivery are the factors that distinguish Verde from the competition. Starting from 2019, thanks to the integration of highly specialized team, the company sales sewing machines and its own service.

2003 | Ipea Romania born in Arad in order to offer its service to local companies and people who work for upholstery industry. Since the very beginning, Ipea Romania has become a reliable production unit for wooden legs using the local resources.

2013 | Ipea Polska born in Łódź thanks to the partnership between Ipea and Bellussi Group, a company present for more than 20 years in the territory of Poland specialized in the trade of machines for textile and furniture industry. From day one, Ipea Polska has a warehouse of items ready for delivery, so as to offer the best service, fast responses and innovation for the vast production pole of upholstered and Polish furniture.

2014 | Cuoium born in 1977 in the heart of Brianza with the aim to enhance the production and commercial experience in the field of leather for upholstery of interiors and exteriors, fire retardant and for boating. In 2014 Cuoium joined the group Ipea maintaining 100% its own identity and its distinctive features, as well as organic and modern headquarters with large warehouse.

2023 | Compact Form born in 1989 in Brianza as the first company in Italy specialized in the machining and processing of HPL Compact panels. Panels with the heart in kraft paper that make HPL a material with unique properties, ideal in many areas of furniture, including outdoor. Productive power, attention to detail and customer care are the reasons why companies and designers entrust their projects to Compact Form. In 2023 the company joined the Ipea Group building significant synergies.