GOODSIDE is the innovative support system for armchairs, sofas and beds.

The first suspension solution with polypropylene slats reinforced with fiberglass. 25 years of constant elasticity. Patented system and winner of numerous international awards. 100% recyclable material. GOODSIDE is the revolutionary alternative to the traditional zig-zag spring and elastic strap in sofas and wooden slats in beds.


Zero difficulty in assembly operations, GOODSIDE slats can be assembled at home without any effort. The surface is always homogeneous, your product will always be visually flawless. Production flexibility thanks to the variety of elasticity, dimensions and types of hooks.


GOODSIDE slats ensure optimal support for the body and maximum comfort through diversified cushioning areas. The non-slip structure of the surface guarantees a solid support for cushions and mattresses.


The polypropylene used for the construction of the GOODSIDE slats guarantees total hygiene, does not absorb humidity and is cleaned using common detergents. It is no coincidence that GOODSIDE is ideal for hospital use.


Thanks to the fiberglass core and long-lasting materials, we can guarantee 25 years of constant elasticity.

Goodside's secret

1 Fiberglass core

Glass fibers are used for the production of composite materials, i.e. advanced structural materials in which different components are integrated together to produce a material with superior characteristics from a physical, mechanical, chemical, aesthetic point of view, etc. With extremely high resistance, high modulation and size stability, fiberglass is now used in most industrial sectors as a strengthening element.

2 Hygiene guarantee

Polypropylene is an absolutely hygienic material since it does not absorb moisture and can be cleaned using normal detergents for cleaning without damaging the surface. Also ideal for medical uses.

3 What changes compared to traditional supports

The differences compared to traditional support systems, Greek spring, elastic belt and wooden slats are substantial: – the elasticity that remains constant over time and the durability of the materials – strength and endurance – possibility of use in outdoor environments

4 Recyclable plastic

The use of recyclable plastic saves about 1.26 tons of CO2 per ton of plastic compared to incineration in a waste-to-energy plant, it also helps to save natural resources and protect the environment by supporting a circular economy.


72 or 100 mm


Thanks to the different diameter of the fiberglass core of the slat, the slats are more or less flexible


Sistemi di aggancio Goodside


Single slat holder for GOODSIDE 72 mm, with pin for fixing “above the frame” in metal


Single slat holder for GOODSIDE 100 mm, with pin for fixing “above the frame” in metal


Single slat holder for GOODSIDE 72 mm, with screw holes for “frame flush” fixing in wood or metal


Single slat holder for GOODSIDE 72 mm, with metal frame fixing pin


Single slat holder for GOODSIDE 100 mm, interlocking for “above frame” fixing in wood or metal


Double slat holder for GOODSIDE 72 mm, interlocking for “above frame” fixing in wood or metal


Klickfix slat strip for 72 or 100 mm GOODSIDE, to be stapled on any wooden frame for sofa or bed


The composition of the polypropylene slats also allows outdoor use, Goodside does not fear water or humidity. Thanks to its versatility and the ability to choose between different sizes and forces it can be used on armchairs, sofas, deck chairs and sun beds.


GOODSIDE replaces traditional support systems such as elastic belt and zig-zag spring, guaranteeing constant elasticity, without sagging, for 25 years. It can be used in the traditional way by anchoring the slats to the stem or inserting them directly inside the padding thus obtaining impossible aesthetic solutions to be realized with other systems.


GOODSIDE ensures a completely uniform resting surface, without sagging, guaranteeing maximum comfort for the body. The different hardness can also be used within the same network to create diversified cushioning areas. The non-slip surface offers solid support for mattresses and ease of cleaning makes it the ideal product for hospital-type applications.

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